Send Whatsapp Message Offline Without Internet

Send Whatsapp Message Offline Without Internet

How to Send Whatsapp Message Offline Without Internet

You Can Chat on Whatsapp without the Internet, know everything about this great feature. Check how to Send Whatsapp Message Offline Without Internet. Read Also: Battlegrounds Mobile India – PUBG India

Send Whatsapp Message Offline Without Internet

Send Whatsapp Message Offline Without Internet

  • A great feature of WhatsApp
  • Moreover, chatting without phone active or internet
  • Know the speciality of the Multi-Device feature

Users have been hearing about the Multi-Device Feature of WhatsApp for a long time. In such a situation, we have brought good news for you. Whatsapp has started rolling out this feature. With the help of this feature, users will be able to run WhatsApp simultaneously on four different devices apart from the phone. Let us know some of the specialities of this special feature. Read Also: Passport photo is maker studio

WhatsApp phone-less feature

The speciality of multi-device support is that users will be able to enjoy WhatsApp chatting on other devices like laptops or desktops even when the phone is not active or connected to the Internet. However, an internet connection will be required to access WhatsApp on other devices. The company is currently rolling out this feature in the beta version. Read Also: Best Hindi Motivational Quotes Shayari

Initially, these users will get the benefit

The company is initially making this feature available to users who are part of WhatsApp’s beta program. Moreover, the company is scheduling that in the coming time, it will also give stable version users the option to switch to the beta version. In the coming days, this option can be offered on the Linked Devices screen.

Will Cathcart tweeted

WhatsApp head Will Cathcart gave information about the multi-device support feature being rolled out for the beta version by tweeting from his official Twitter handle. Moreover, he said in the tweet that now users can take the desktop or web experience of WhatsApp even if the phone is not active. The company has started rolling out the new feature from Wednesday.

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